Cocktails With Cousins is an ongoing conversation between two opposite lifestyles, on current events and overcoming obstacles. It is a journey of support and a positive way to acknowledge limitations while still striving for success.


My goal in life has always been to be happy and only do things that make me happy. There have been many steps backwards but those steps make me who I am today and who I aspire to be tomorrow. I’ve been all over the USA trying to find myself and what I do best in life. Going west to find peace, south to party like a rock star, just to end up home starting from scratch and making life work for me and my future. For the last couple years I have been focusing on my future and how I want my life to go. Plenty of roadblocks have punched me in the face. With the ongoing advice and venting to friends and family I am still standing, drinking wine on the daily, and trying to piece it all together. This platform is for me to share what I know and to expand my journey to better myself in a way I always been to shy to explore.


I’m almost 30 and I think its about time for me to get my life together. I have a few SMART goals that I think will help me to achieve my life’s mission of being good mom, a good friend, and good neighbor. This year I want to work on managing my debt, work towards my master’s, and engage in more activities I deem worthy of being a strong feminist role model. I struggle with these from a motivation and worthiness standpoint. As a survivor of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, & postpartum depression, I see myself often as a victim incapable of establishing meaningful control over my life. I am a veteran and I remember feeling strong, like I was on a powerful journey to reclaim my life. But wall after wall blocked my journey and I didn’t have the support I needed to give me a boost over each seemingly impossible barrier. This is why I wanted to start this podcast with Delonte. I needed someone actively working towards their own goals who could help me identify stepping stones to enable the climb over my walls. Someone who could hold me accountable and I also wanted to have a little fun doing it!


Cheers to your own success, finding your own worth, and reclaiming your own strength!